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Wednesday, December 14, 2011 | |

Jeffrey Campbell DAMSEL


Colored denim, the hottest thing on two legs. I was lucky enough to snap these up at Urban Outfitters in the summer months. Since I only own 2, I treasure them dearly. This one in particular reminds me of Christmas, very festive – appropriate for December, right? Though no matter what month or activity, colored denim is a sure way to bring a playful edge to everyday pieces. Just whimsical with a Tommy Hilfiger argyle v-neck sweater, Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Kitten/Cat fabric shoes, Satya Gold Necklace (perfect gift, I might add) and rings from Forever 21. No sign of fashion funk here.

Sorry for the late post. Quite busy with work. As you can see from photos, I don't have time to go to do any location shoots. I was aslo highly upset & acted like a spoiled youngest child (you'd think I'd outgrow, not) since hubby lost one of my shoes. More on that on the next post.


Janette said...

Love the color combo... I would add my leopard print scarf if I was wearing this outfit...Cause I love that thing.. and I think it would go really well...Haha! And how does your hubby lose a shoe??? So random! Can't wait to hear the story!

Janette the Jongleur

madeleine said...

those pants are so awesome! //dariadaria

Style Servings said...

Love this look, everything goes together really well!!

azu said...

Oh my God. If someone lost one of my shoes I would throw the biggest bitch fit. I hope you find your other shoe :(

I have had one heck of a week, so I'm sorry I haven't replied as quickly. You know I really enjoy reading your blog :)

This outfit is seriously perfection. I have a thing for argyle. The way you wore this with your kitten print JCs is die for. And then you threw in a pop of bright green. You're a fashion genius, I tell you :)

And happy belated birthday, my pretty Sole Sista!



SoNotIram said...

ok, i am like seriously dying over all your recent outfits and this isn't an exception. seriously in love :)


Nav said...

love the green chic pants :)

xo Nav

Mi vida en rojo said...

I look your outfit!!!

Thanks for your comment! ;)

Ash Louise said...

You pulled this off really well my dear :)

Nicole said...

I love your green pants and your JC cat wedges. Omg! I can't believe it! This is such a tragedy, I hope you find your shoe. Have a great weekend!

Nicole D.
The Owl Girl

caramellitsa said...

these colours are perfect for you you should wear them more often!!

Like Mousse Au Chocolat said...

cute shoes, are these cats ?

College Beauty Junkie said...

I'm loving the green jeans. Just bought two pairs of colored jeans myself and I'm super excited to start incorporating them into some outfits.

Jinna Boo said...

LOVE your colorblocking! and the fact that the shoes don't match - it goes so well and it makes your look so funky!


connie l. said...

really loving your green skinnies and those steve madden boots in your previous post! can't wait to see more!

costra y ampolla said...

the platforms are SICK!!!


jas said...

great pants!

Paulina Mo said...

wow super cute! I love the combo!


Diana Sari said...

Hi Pamela! how are u ?

nice post, nice outfit and pants of bright colors (green) make you wear a bright impression :)

* thanks for your comment in my post :)

* my blogger friend of America that this one had a lot of ideas and the latest fashion models.. i have much to learn from you, while i was creating my own style of clothing, to be myself.. xoxo :)
* i will give my phone number (628979755770), if you do not mind, we can become close friends and sharing, not just friends on the blog.. xoxo

thank you ^__^

* Merry Christmas 2011 and Happy New Year 2012 *

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