I Really Love Life Right Now

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 | |

Hey guys! Hope you have all been enjoying your summer. Can't believe its about to end. It has been an incredibly wild ride to say the least. I definitely cannot complain since I've been living my life to the fullest and experienced things I've only imagined. Both good and bad. A lot of personal growth, exploration, creation and no doubt fashion forward style game on point---sharper than ever. When you see me on the mean streets of the Big Apple you will know what I'm talking about :P For fashion doesn't belong only to the fashion houses. We can look to them for inspiration, but the "it" factor is something we are all born with. It isn't about imitating what you see via media, social media and the big screen. It isn't about assimilating with your current environment. Life is about self expression and exploration. Why try to be someone else? The world is tough enough as it is. We simply cannot afford to be someone else, but ourselves.

So let the fiery light shine through. Let your character and your personality take you wherever you want. Fashion is something I was born with. Its within. I was recently schooled by someone near and dear to me, explaining that its not the Savile Row men's dress shirt that I borrowed, but its the way I put myself together coupled with my energy that makes the outfit unique. The secret formula is me. To quote my grandmother, "wear the clothes, don't let it wear you." Wear what's comfortable to you, what speaks to you. Wear clothes that reflect your personality. Its better to be yourself than be a carbon copy of someone else. Make no mistake, "Manners might maketh men," but confidence maketh women.

Soccer jersey matched with simple jean shorts, but it all comes down to the shoes. In this shoot, it came down to 2 of my favorites--the Damsel and the Lita. My trusted go-to shoes when it comes to slaying. So, go ahead. Don't be afraid. Let your colors shine. Be confident. Be you.

As I get ready for another school year, my posts are going to be sporadic, but I will always try to give you guys the best. The best shoes, at least :)

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Happy hunting and if you see me, say hello.

Much love always, Pamela Zhuklevich <3 ;)

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Thursday, October 18, 2012 | |

Candela's Spring/Summer 2013 collection embodied both innocence with the right amount of sparkle and bohemian.  A formula well executed and mastered by designer, Gabriela Perezutti. The collection oozed ethereal complimented by bohemian and western accessories, as well as downtown chic. The shoes came in metallic and candy colors with a few Greco-Roman inspired sandals, leather boots and tassles. Some of my favorites are below.

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